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The AI Development Services of Folium AI are there to help our clients combat modern technology challenges.

AI Growth Insights

Folium AI not only guides its clients on the latest technology trends but also enables them to generate great revenues by delivering technically complex solutions. Because of our versatile and exceptionally skilled team of developers, we have managed to become trustworthy tech partners for organizations of all sizes belonging to diverse industries. We are great at building tech and innovation-intensive products that involve AI and ML.

Business leaders believe that AI is going to be fundamental in the future. 72% termed AI a “business advantage”


The impact of AI technologies on business is projected to increase labor productivity by up to 40%.


The artificial intelligence (AI) market is expected to grow into a $190 billion industry by 2025.


Services We Offer

AI Model Development

We excel at machine learning and deep learning techniques for building customized AI models.

Big Data Solutions

Folium AI can help you surpass your competitors by designing and developing AI-centered big data solutions.

Edge AI

To maximize real-time performance and efficiency, we back our models with Edge AI development.

Lifecycle Management for AI Systems

Make the management of complex AI systems easier and simpler with Folium AI’s lifecycle management for AI systems.


We provide software integrations with pre-built AI platforms for achieving increased robustness.

AI Transformation

We are there to guide you throughout your AI transformation journey by defining a business case, opportunities, and development roadmap.

Our Competences


Supervised and unsupervised learning, metric learning, fine-tuning, temporal and efficient neural networks, representation learning

Neural Networks

Convolutional and recurrent neural networks, generative adversarial networks, deep bayesian neural networks, siamese networks

Deep Learning Frameworks

Deployment Toolkits

Other AI Tools

Take Advantage of Our

Hire an AI Developer

Hand-pick your artificial intelligence development company. We are ready to set up a dedicated multidisciplinary team of highly-qualified machine learning engineers to deliver solutions that have the power to transform your business.

Outsource your AI Software Development

Entrust our machine learning engineers with the development of your next AI-driven product idea into a custom made product, giving you extra time to focus on the business tasks requiring your attention.

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Industries We Serve

We have a proven track record of helping businesses in different niches to reach new heights. And we keep on enhancing our expertise across a variety of domains.

Banking and Finance

Make your financial decisions and budget planning easier with the help of AI-powered smart assistants and financial applications.


We offer automated data collection from different telecom sources to extract useful trends and make effective decisions.

Supply Chain and Logistics

Manage your billing and invoicing effectively with your trusted AI development company and offer the best user experience to your customers.


Administer all your insurance-related activities with the help of AI. Use chatbots for providing a personalized experience to your customers with the best possible support services.


Folium AI is there to help you predict customer behaviors hence enabling you to offer personalized services and experiences to your customers. Resultantly it makes you capable of increasing your operational efficiency.


We help you with our AI-assisted solutions for a better diagnosis of diseases hence guaranteeing personalized treatments and recommendations to provide better healthcare facilities.

The AI Software

The steps we take to make your project a success.


Requirement Elicitation

Understanding the requirements

Making effective estimations

Technology consultation

Performing exploratory data analysis



Selecting a suitable AI model

Deciding on the development team

Outlining the project roadmap

Preparing the technical documentation



Development using agile methodology

Progress reporting for every iteration

QA testing


Live Release

Final testing of the entire AI system

Fixing the potential bugs

Releasing the AI system after approval

Collecting clients’ feedback



Providing usage guidelines

Continuous server monitoring

Fixing the bugs and making improvements

Are you in Search of a Trustworthy AI Software Development Service?

Folium AI is there to serve you in the best possible way with our proven track record of delivering top-class AI solutions. We continue to strive for better and bigger objectives.

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