About Us

We Listen. We Understand. We Deliver.

We deliver innovative software solutions helping organizations achieve modern technological transformations in the contemporary competitive market.


Our Vision

To enhance our client’s business progression with revolutionary designs and unique software development solutions, contributing towards the competitive digital global market.

We, at Folium along with the perseverance of our skilled, competent, and highly qualified professionals, aim to make state-of-the-art business transformations in the high-tech sphere.

We put our best efforts to boost corporate performance, eventually making them close to their potential customers. Our brilliant custom software development services make our clients earn a competitive advantage in the inventive marketplace and lead them on the roads of success and prosperity.


Why  Us?

Effective Communication

Folium holds an effective communication process to make our clients feel convenient. Nothing is more important than our client’s requirements for us. Therefore, we make sure to discuss as well as understand every single point of project specifications and strive our best to innovate fulfilling the modern technological standards. The development process is being accomplished under the complete supervision of the client to earn customer satisfaction and build an excellent application.

Agility & Transparency

We follow an agile software development process to help clients track their product development process. Under such a procedure, the software or application under the production process gets divided into small deliverable segments called iterations. These little chunks of great solutions make clients understand the functionality as well as the progress of the entire project. This promotes transparency and assists the client to keep a check over the production results.

Effortless Delivery System

We are a goal-oriented software development company performing vigorously to offer the best technological solutions in the competitive digital market. We are lucky to clutch the best development team, having superior quality standards ultimately achieving excellence for our worthy clients. The software development solutions are passed through various phases of quality assurance to get a green signal for smooth delivery to the client, carrying outstanding execution capacity..

Competent Management

We are a one-stop-shop for startups as well as for large enterprises. Our dedicated team of professionals includes software designers, front-end developers, back-end programmers, project managers, and quality assurance individuals, giving the best of their efforts to make the client’s business prosperous. Folium holds experienced, competent, qualified, and expert management responsible for the efficient handling of all aptitudes, essential to fulfilling the client’s project requirements.

Support & Commitment

Folium is constantly employing superlative technological tools to build the best software development solutions, ultimately leading the client business towards inflated profits. We, with the collaboration of our dedicated team of developers, exert vigorous efforts to secure the client’s data. We just don’t say goodbye to our valuable clients after the delivery of a software product, rather we remain in touch with them to give their business consistent support.


Company Values

As a software solution provider, a company faces a lot of challenges on its path to legitimate success. These challenges sometimes force organizations to fall prey to malpractices and unfair means of business, ultimately damaging their own image and upsetting the market environment on the whole as well.


We do our best to deliver a productive, pleasant, and respectful work environment because providing ease to everyone is our purpose


We as a team are never satisfied with the phrase “good enough”. What we want for our clients can only be great.


We work with complete honesty and dedication for our clients while keeping all our processes entirely transparent and scalable.


We make sure that our clients stay involved in all development stages via end-to-end team collaborations.


Our Hall of Fame

During our time as IT evangelists in the industry, we have the honor to receive quite a few awards. Have a look at them here:

Top Web Development Company

We are appreciated and recognized as an emerging software development company for flawless work and timely delivery.

Top Web Development Company

Our clients have given us top ratings and made us recognized as a leading bespoke software development company.


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