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A Few Things You Should Know About Us!

At Folium AI, we have a specific culture that is reflected not only in our work environment but also in our entire team.


We believe that we can achieve 10x greater things by working together. So, whichever milestones we manage to achieve, it is always a team effort and not a one-man show!


We warmly welcome creative thinkers and curious minds who are always on the outlook for ways of finding and learning something new and exciting.


At Folium AI, we have very transparent promotion procedures and everything is done on the basis of merit to ensure every single team member is rewarded according to their effort.


We encourage and greatly value passion and dedication to work. Therefore, if you are planning to join us, you must be highly motivated to help us achieve our goals.

Benefits At Folium AI

We always prioritize the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of our employees because of this we offer the following perks to them.

Medical & Health Facility

We offer quarterly medical reimbursements worth Rs. 10,000 to all our employees to offload their burden of healthcare expenses.

Monthly Activities & Dinners

At Folium AI, we arrange monthly lunches/dinners and other healthy activities to keep all our employees motivated and dedicated.

Recreational Trips & Activities

We also arrange recreational activities every now and then and company-paid annual trips for our employees to enjoy their time off.

Company-Sponsored Learning Opportunities

We believe in learning and growing every single day. To facilitate this, we offer company-sponsored learning opportunities to our employees.

Food Allowances

Folium AI even takes responsibility for the food allowances and the employees get company-paid meals every day.

Paid Holidays

To enable our employees to rewind and recharge, we even allow them to take paid medical and casual leaves of up to 24 days per year.

The goal is to deliver quality-focused software products to aspiring businesses.