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Folium AI lends its cloud app development services for ensuring a brighter future for its clients’ businesses. We secure their investments for long term by making them capable of meeting the new technology standards.

Robust Cloud App Development Guaranteeing the Highest Revenues

Cloud application development is a prominent facet of the new technology paradigm. Folium AI has expertise with the latest cloud delivery models such as software-as-a-service (SaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). This gives a freehand to our clients to pick the model that best suits their needs.

Cloud Application Development Services

Devising the Strategy

We can suggest you the best cloud development strategies according to your business requirements. We also provide specialized cloud services such as enterprise cloud adoption, CloudOps, and all other related programs.

Cloud App Development

We offer highly specialized cloud development services that are tailored right according to your business requirements. These cloud development solutions are not only reliable but also flexible in terms of deployment by offering different models such as public, private, or hybrid. Moreover, we also ensure that our cloud solutions offer the highest level of performance optimization hence maximizing your overall revenue.

Cloud Implementation and Migration Services

Folium AI’s skilled and experienced developers are experts in all aspects of migration and implementation, including multi-vendor ITIL procedures and risk and compliance control exercises. Our cloud app developers are all the time ready to work collaboratively with your IT department and managed service providers to ensure a smooth and safe cloud migration of apps, workflows, and infrastructures.

Cloud Monitoring, Management, and Support

As a competitive cloud application development company, we provide excellent cloud performance monitoring and optimization services. To save you time, money, and effort, we provide a 360-degree perspective of all the important aspects. Specifically, we offer SLA-based management services as well as monthly efficiency audits.

Cloud Security and Risk Management Services

There is a little misconception that cloud-based solutions are 100% secure with no risks involved. This is where Folium AI comes to save you. We offer integration services such as cloud security assessments, risk and identity management, and technical security consultancy to our clients. Above all, we want to give businesses like yours the peace of mind they deserve by offloading the burden of cloud security and risk management from your shoulders.

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We were among the first cloud app development company to be named a standard consulting partner for the world's foremost cloud platform.

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