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Cloud App Development

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Folium AI lends its cloud app development services for ensuring a brighter future for its clients’ businesses. We secure their investments for long term by making them capable of meeting the new technology standards.

Cloud Application Development Services

Cloud application development itself is a combination of several independent services. Fortunately, Folium AI excels in all of these services.

Devising the Strategy

We can suggest the best cloud development strategies according to your business requirements. We also provide specialized cloud services such as enterprise cloud adoption, CloudOps, and all other related programs. In this way, you can always stay ahead of your competitors in terms of strategy planning and implementation.

Cloud Implementation & Migration Services

Our skilled and experienced developers are experts in all aspects of migration and implementation, including multi-vendor ITIL procedures and risk and compliance control exercises. Our cloud-based app developers work collaboratively with your IT department and managed service providers to ensure a smooth and safe cloud migration of apps, workflows, and infrastructures.

Cloud Security & Risk Management Services

There is a little misconception that cloud-based solutions are 100% secure with no risks involved. This is where Folium AI comes to save you. We offer integration services such as cloud security assessments, risk and identity management, and technical security consultancy to our clients. Above all, we want to give businesses like yours the peace of mind they deserve by offloading the burden of cloud security and risk management from your shoulders.

Cloud App Development

Our cloud development solutions are not only reliable but also flexible in terms of deployment by offering different models such as public, private, or hybrid. Moreover, we also ensure that our cloud solutions offer the highest level of performance optimization hence maximizing your overall revenue.

Cloud Monitoring, Management, & Support

As a competitive cloud application development company, we provide excellent cloud performance monitoring and optimization services. To save you time, money, and effort, we provide a 360-degree perspective of all the important aspects. Specifically, we offer SLA-based management services as well as monthly efficiency audits.

Technologies We Employ for Cloud Development Solutions

We have exceptionally qualified developers in our team who have experience working with all the latest cloud development technologies.

How to Create Cloud Applications at Folium

We know the challenge of cloud adoption. Here’s how to develop cloud-based applications the easy way.


An in-depth market analysis is performed prior to proceeding with the design and development to meet the market standards as well as the client’s needs in the best possible manner. Special attention is paid to the enhancement of the features that can enable our clients to gain a competitive advantage.


The design of a cloud application plays a vital role in delivering the true value of the product. The cloud app design services team at Folium AI work day and night to create aesthetically pleasing design while keeping all the requirements of the clients in consideration.


Once a workable design is ready, we kickstart the development process while using the latest tools and technologies available in the market. We make sure to keep all the requirements of our clients in mind and develop a product that serves their best interests.


Validation and verification are very crucial to ensure that all the customers’ requirements are fulfilled and there are no errors in the solutions that we deliver. Therefore, we keep a keen eye on the SQA testing of our products at different stages to overcome all the issues beforehand so that we can serve our customers with the best quality products.

Maintenance & Support

Folium AI not only hands over a workable cloud app solution to its clients but also works hand-in-hand with them for its deployment and maintenance. This is done to cater to the valuable feedback of our customers so that a strong and healthy working relationship can be established.

Cloud App Development Benefits for Your Business

If you are wondering why you should go for cloud app development services, then you must take a look at the benefits it offers!

Cost Efficiency

Cloud offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model with which you only need to pay for those services that you avail which results in immense cost-savings.

Increased Flexibility

You can easily add more resources to your cloud development model as per your needs and even remove those resources once your requirements are fulfilled.

Closer Collaboration

Cloud app development results in teamwork and collaboration which leads to better performance and coordination hence improving your productivity.


You can experience 24/7 availability with cloud app development and significantly avoid app downtimes which again enhances your business productivity.

Utmost Scalability

Cloud resources can be easily scaled up or down depending on user requirements. In this way, no resources are wasted or over-exhausted.

Automatic Updates

With cloud app development, we offload the burden of updating the apps from our client’s shoulders and handle everything automatically ensuring a smooth flow.

Develop a cloud-based app with folium

Work Portfolio

Folium AI has delivered customized software solutions to a large number of different startups, SMBs, as well as enterprises. Our work portfolio fully justifies this claim.


Python, Django, ReactJS, AWS

Daps Web Wallet

MERN Stack

Infinity Careers

Python, Django, ReactJS, AWS


Python, Django, Vue.js, GCP

Nurse Bridge

React Native, Django, ReactJS, AWS

Reviews that speak volume

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cloud app development?
It is the process of developing and deploying scalable software solutions for organizations looking to achieve their business goals in a dynamically changing landscape.
What are the different cloud delivery models you excel in?
Folium AI has expertise with the latest cloud delivery models such as SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. This provides the free will to our clients to pick the model that best suits their needs
What major technologies do you employ for cloud app development?
The major technologies that we employ for cloud app development include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.
What can I do to get started with Folium’s cloud app development services?
To get started with us for your cloud app development project, all you need to do is click on the following link:
How do you calculate the cost of a cloud app development project?
Depending on the scope of the cloud app development project, we calculate the total cost by multiplying our hourly rate by the total number of hours required to complete the project.
How long does it take to develop a cloud-based application?
According to the required features and complexity of the cloud app development project, we generally take 6 to 8 weeks to develop a basic small project.
Do you also take care of security and risk management?
Yes, we take responsibility for the security and risk management of the cloud app development projects.
Can we hire cloud app developers on an hourly basis?
Yes, you can also hire our cloud app developers on an hourly basis.

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