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Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Development Services

How We Develop MVP Software?

We combine agility with our smart MVP development processes

Comprehensive Product Analysis
    • Perform a thorough product research
    • Gather requirements to turn out-of-the-box ideas into exceptional innovations
Development Process
    • Deliver small product segments one by one
    • Slowly integrate these segments into one application
Prototype Creation
    • Ensure effective utilization of all the available resources
    • Gain early feedback from clients to enhance the quality of the product
MVP Software Development
    • Create an engaging and fully functional product to test market trends
    • The goal is to share simple features with customers prior to the launch of the actual MVP
User Feedback Collection
    • Perform rigorous testing to understand your business requirements
    • Deliver a functional MVP solution by incorporating the client’s valuable feedback
Support and Maintenance
    • Provide operational support and continuous product maintenance
    • Align workflows according to the changing market trends

We Build Custom MVPs For

Folium AI offers MVP development services to organizations of various sizes belonging to different industries


We are startup experts with a successful track record of building 150+ software products for the most demanding startups – right from concept to scale.

Small Business

We even benefit small-scale businesses with limited resources at hand by offering them the best possible MVP solutions while staying within their budget.

Large Scale Business

Folium AI helps large-scale enterprises by combining its MVP development expertise with AI and ML frameworks to enable them to stay ahead of their business rivals.

What Will You Get?

Our dedicated business analyst will provide you with detailed product scope, variance analysis, user acceptance testing, market research, etc. as per your requirements

Time & Budget Estimation

Before diving into the MVP development process, we provide our clients with a detailed time and budget estimation that helps them in managing their resources efficiently.

Technical Documentation

As the development progresses, we also maintain its technical documentation side by side for us to look back at our achievements and for our clients to help them use the product effectively.

Detailed Product Scope

It is extremely important to understand the product scope beforehand. Therefore, we craft a detailed product scope before MVP development and verify it with our clients.

Final Blueprint

After gathering all the requirements and finalizing the product scope, we share the final blueprint with the client so that we can start implementing it after getting the approval.

Startup MVP Development

Folium AI has an exceptional journey of creating excellent custom software development solutions, offering our client a competitive edge over its rivals. We have all the essential experience and expertise to make these services available for startups:

Development and Deployment
Trustable Technical Partnership
Referral Bonuses

Development and Deployment

We pass the product through multiple tests to ensure that it is delivering proper functionality and performance. The accomplishment of the MVP development process ultimately lands the product in the market to compete with the other available products for feedback collection. The whole process is being supervised by our competent staff.


    • Ideation
    • Prototyping
    • Technical Consultancy
    • Scope and Cost Estimation
    • MVP Development

Trustable Technical Partnership

We believe in earning customer trust and satisfaction through our expert MVP development services. Therefore, we invest our efforts to keep the client well-informed regarding the production as well as the execution process. Our dedicated team of qualified developers generates top-quality products to obtain amazing results, ultimately leading the organizations.


    • Top-notch Programming
    • Dedicated Teams
    • Comprehensible Development Process
    • Result-oriented Production
    • Performance Efficiency

Referral Bonuses

We only want the best for our clients, that is why we also extend a special referral program where we offer hefty discounts on our software development services. The organizations that have worked with us on their MVP development and those who have been recommended by them will be eligible to avail of this opportunity within 3 months of their cooperation with us.


    • Planning MVP App Development
    • Rapid Response Time
    • Quality-Focused Work
    • Efficient Product Delivery
    • Thorough Support and Maintenance

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Featured MVP Cases

We have managed to deliver highly optimized and effective MVP development solutions to our clients. You can take a look at our portfolio to get a better idea of our expertise in MVP development.

Our Work

We specialize in turning your vision into a reality in record time. With our expertise in Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development.


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React Native, Django, ReactJS, AWS


Python, Django, Vue.js, GCP

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We specialize in turning your vision into a reality in record time. With our expertise in Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development, we can help you launch your concept in under 3 months.




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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MVP development?
MVP or Minimum Viable Product development is defined as the process of creating a prototype that allows you to test the effectiveness of a business model.
Why is MVP development important for startups?
It is important for startups to invest in MVP development so that they can gain early customer feedback and make the required improvements before investing all of their resources into the full version of a product.
Is MVP development only meant for startups?
No, MVP development can be used for organizations ranging from startups to huge enterprises as well.
What are the steps involved in MVP development?
Comprehensive Product Analysis -> Development Process -> Prototype Creation -> MVP Software Development -> User Feedback Collection -> Support and Maintenance
How do I get started with the MVP development services of Folium AI?
All you need to do is to click on the following link:
What technologies do you use for MVP development?
Depending on the requirements and preferences of our clients, we work with multiple technologies including ReactJS, Angular, Node, Python, AWS, Shopify, etc.
What are the benefits of MVP development?
Following are some of the benefits of MVP development:
  • Faster Time-to-Market
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Iterative Improvement
  • Risk Reduction
How do you calculate the cost of a basic MVP development project?
We calculate the cost of an MVP development project by multiplying our hourly rate by the total number of hours required to complete the project.
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