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Folium houses a stalwart team of some handpicked talents, sharp minds, and creative individuals who are highly experienced in what they do.

We Invest Our Competencies In

We combine agility with smart and cost-optimized development processes

Lower Your Time-To-Market

Our experts understand the value of your time. Therefore, they make sure to deliver the best results in the minimum time possible.

Spend Less On Resources

Our highly efficient and scalable teams make it easier for you to keep and pay for only those resources that you really need.

Upgrade Your Tech Stack

We offer a variety of committed and technically competent talents, and that too from the top 2% available.

Be A Part Of The Process

We do not just put our clients on standby while we develop the project. We make sure that our clients get to see everything on a task level via tools like Jira and Github.

Optimize Internal Processes

Our team helps your internal resources by providing them a heads-up on all upcoming updates or behavioral changes, giving them a chance to optimize their proficiency.

Stay Focused On Your Core Activities

Experts at Folium take up a project with complete ownership of their responsibility. They do not just develop a project, they make it a reason for your company’s success.

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Take help from our architects to select the perfect fit.

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We Take Pride In Our Customer-Centric Approach

Jira- Complete Transparency

Each task is carried out and reported regularly while all developmental codes are available on an online repository for our clients to track and review.

Zoom- Agile Meetings

All members of a project participate in daily/weekly scrums to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Slack- Constant Contact

Our clients stay in constant communication with our teams, where they are informed about each task being performed.

Zoom- Agile Meetings

Clients are given regular product demos alongside the agile meetings to reassure them that their feedback matters the most.

Our Application Modernization Services

Folium AI takes pride in offering multiple application modernization services for which you can hire dedicated software development teams.

Enterprise Cloud Strategy And Consultation

Jumpstart your goal-oriented modernization journey to prepare your business for the digital world. Leverage our strategic consultation and cloud capabilities to fine-tune your modernization app portfolio, integrate mission-critical environments, and DevOps transformation to realize your IT architecture goals.

Cloud-Native Application Development

Accelerate innovation, drive revenue growth, and meet your business goals with cloud-native apps. Build a visionary organization with the help of an intelligent business suite of cloud-based apps from the base to achieve robustness, security, and growth further. Future-proof your business to combat market challenges and develop top-notch cloud-native apps to embrace digital transformation.

Legacy To Cloud Migration

Take a plunge into the cloud universe by moving apps to an Agile and elastic environment. Seamlessly transition your data, apps, infrastructure, or APIs to the cloud with our migration services. We leverage new-age technologies to ensure efficiency and business continuity. We help you overcome the infrastructure redundancies to take your business to new heights.

Automation, CI/CD, and DevOps

Leverage our extensive experience, latest tech stack, and modern tools to realize the app’s potential. Embrace automation, DevOps, and CI/CD to revolutionize existing systems and legacy apps. Folium strongly emphasizes the latest trends in DevOps and CI/CD. Our modern programming platforms can help you redefine business models without disrupting your existing workflow.

UI/UX Modernization

Leverage our end-to-end UI/UX services to enhance the look and feel of your app. Gain a competitive advantage with an amazing UI/UX-rich app that revives existing IT assets’ user-facing components. We ensure that the newly modified system offers seamless access to information with exquisite experiences. Embark on a UI/UX modernization journey with Folium AI.

Analytics And Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Accelerate innovation, enhance efficiency, and refine products with AI-powered app modernization services. Increase your productivity by analyzing the app components, plan a strategic move of the legacy apps to the cloud, and ensure that the app is working fine on the new server environment leveraging the analytical and AI capabilities. Great things are bound to happen with AI-powered modernization.

Our Areas of Core Expertise

We have been around in the industry for 4 years and providing cost-effective, superior quality, and technology-driven digital transformation to your product ideas is our real expertise.

Reviews that speak volume

Let us take a look at what our valued clients think about our dedicated development team services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you define a dedicated team model?
A dedicated team model is one in which the client hires a dedicated team of developers, QA testers, designers, etc. to work on a specific project.
What are the benefits of a dedicated team model?
- Better scalability
- Efficient time management
- Resource optimization
- Cost optimization
What is the structure of a dedicated development team?
Depending on the requirements of the clients and the project, a dedicated team can comprise developers, QA testers, designers, project managers, etc. The basic idea is to get the best talent on board while staying within the budget.
What are the different engagement models that Folium AI offers?
- Fixed Cost
- Dedicated Team
- Startup
- Staff Augmentation
How can I obtain a rough quote for my software project?
All you need to do is to head on to the following link:
What steps are involved in your dedicated team kick-off process?
Get In Touch -> Choose From The Best -> Start Off With A Free Trial -> Say Hello To Success
Can we hire dedicated software developers for legacy-to-cloud migration?
Yes, you can easily hire our dedicated development team for legacy-to-cloud migration.
How do you ensure the quality of software projects developed by dedicated teams?
Our skilled team of QA testers makes sure to test the project during every stage of development through manual as well as automated testing methods to deliver a high-quality software product regardless of the underlying engagement model.
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