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Staff Augmentation

What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is a very effective business strategy to strengthen a company’s existing resources and capabilities. It works by supplementing your current team with external resources to meet specific requirements and address skill gaps. Instead of hiring full-time employees and giving rise to the costs, organizations prefer to hire temporary staff on a contractual basis for the enhancement of their current workforce for a predefined period.

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Add Extra Force to Your Existing Project

Folium AI lets you achieve unprecedented project goals by adding an extra workforce to your existing team. This not only makes the overall process more efficient and quick but is also very cost-effective.

Short-Term Staff Augmentation

This model is ideal for short-term projects with pre-defined goals. It works really well for such tasks that require quick results on a short-term basis. Moreover, this model renders effective results within an optimized budget.

Vendor Transition

The team augmentation of Folium AI makes vendor transition very easy and convenient. You can easily switch your entire project’s responsibilities, knowledge, and resources from one team or vendor to another.

Long-Term Extended Team

At times, you might also need to extend your current team or resources on a long-term basis. This model works equally well in this situation too. You simply need to state these terms and conditions in your engagement contract.

Our Staff Augmentation Process

From an idea to a wonder

Resource Identification

Our team works keenly to identify and understand all your needs and resource requirements to produce exceptional results.

Requirement Analysis

After that, we invest our efforts into analyzing all your functional and non-functional requirements to cater to them in the best way possible.

Evaluation and Selection

Then, we evaluate our resources on a professional basis and select the best ones based on their skills and capabilities.

Onboarding and Integration

Folium AI gracefully handles the onboarding of resources to ensure their seamless integration into your existing team.

Continuous Support

We also provide continuous support to your existing team as well as the augmented staff to ensure maximum productivity.

Why Clients Favor Our Long-Term Engagements?

Folium AI takes a fully immersive approach to identify, understand, and achieve your software development objectives.

Access to Expert Talent

We come up with the best possible resources whose vision aligns perfectly with your project goals to attain maximum business benefits.

Cost Efficiency as a Priority

Throughout the resource augmentation process, we highly prioritize your budget and offer you the most cost-effective solutions.

Guaranteed Time Zone Alignment

We also take care of your geographical location by lending such resources to you that guarantee you time zone alignment.

English Proficiency Requirement

We use the English language as the standard medium of communication to promote maximum collaboration between cross-border teams.

Cultural Affinity Support

Folium AI also offers cultural affinity support to ensure a seamless binding between different team members as well as clients.

Promotion of Scalability

The best thing about the staff augmentation model is that the resources can easily be scaled up or down as per the requirements.

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Reviews that speak volume

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Emerging Technologies

We have proven capabilities in working with all the latest tools and technologies that can take your business to new heights of success. They include but are not limited to the following:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the most important technical skills for IT staff augmentation?
- Programming in Different Languages
- Web Development
- Mobile App Development
- Cybersecurity
- Cloud Computing and DevOps
What are some of the most important soft skills for IT staff augmentation?
- Communication
- Time Management
- Problem-Solving
- Flexibility
- Adaptability
What are the different engagement models that Folium AI offers?
- Fixed Cost
- Dedicated Team
- Startup
- Staff Augmentation
How can I obtain a rough quote for my software project?
All you need to do is to head on to the following link:
What are the steps involved in your staff augmentation process?
Resource Identification -> Requirement Analysis -> Evaluation & Selection -> Onboarding & Integration -> Continuous Support
What are some of the benefits of IT staff augmentation?
- Cost Efficiency
- Maximized Productivity
- Better Scalability
How do you ensure the quality of software projects developed by staff augmentation?
Our skilled team of QA testers makes sure to test the project during every stage of development through manual as well as automated testing methods to deliver a high-quality software product regardless of the underlying engagement model.
In which situation, staff augmentation is the best solution?
Whenever you require specialized skills and capabilities that your current team lacks and needs to scale up quickly, you should certainly opt for the staff augmentation model.

The goal is to deliver quality-focused software products to aspiring businesses.