Services Now

Aligning Workflows with
your Core Business Needs

We are there to serve you by managing and optimizing your IT solutions hence making knowledge sharing easier for your customers and employees.

What We Offer

Consultancy Services

We strategically plan your overall workflow with the Service Now platform so that you can get the maximum benefit out of it.

UI/ UX Design

We believe in creating simple yet attractive user interfaces that are extremely intuitive and can guarantee a great user experience.


The implementation of the Service Now platform is done in a way that it can easily be configured according to your requirements.

Customized Development

We also offer customized scripts and code for additional functionality that can be integrated with the Service Now platform very easily.


The adaptability of the Service Now platform with other applications makes it all the more useful.

Administration and Management

If you fall short on any of your resources, then our team of engineers can help you by extending your team to provide you with maximum productivity.

Our Expertise

Risk & Compliance

We prioritize risk management by integrating automation, compliance activities, and risk management into your daily business operations.

The NOW Platform

Supercharging apps with built-in predictive intelligence, and empowering teams to build custom apps to suit their workflows.

HR Service

We help you with our intelligently designed services for improving your employee satisfaction and engagement.

IT Operations

We enable you to increase visibility across your infrastructure and apps to minimize the risk involved and increase cost-effectiveness.

Customer Service

We aim at delivering flawless customer service by allowing you to gain valuable feedback and respond to it in an effective manner.

IT Services

We design optimized IT services and efficiently manage them to make knowledge sharing simpler for customers and employees.

IT Business

Folium AI aligns its workflows with your core business needs to achieve all the stipulated objectives.

Software Assets

We enable you to get the best out of your software license data, reduce expenditure, and intelligently operate your business services.

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We Help you With

Transformation of
IT experience

Fulfilling all your business needs through dedicated IT services.

Effective Business
Service Delivery

Delivering the best business performance by employing AI-based solutions.

Rapid Incident

Offering the best security practices instantly for minimizing risks and threats.


Serving our customers through every kind of help they need while working with our solutions.

Enhanced Employee

Increasing employee engagement through our specialized services.


Enabling businesses to automate their workflows hence promoting ease and satisfaction.

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