We are the Tech Partners
for your Healthcare Organization

Folium AI aims to effectively manage the performance of your medical applications with different performance optimization and enhancement techniques.

Scope of our Health Care IT Services

Digital Health


Remote patient monitoring (RPM)

Chronic disease management

Patient engagement

Digital therapeutics

Data Analysis

Health care Data Analysis

Performance Management Software

IT Assessment

IT Modernization

Cloud Migration

Healthcare IT Support
and Managed Services

IT Management Platform

Applications Management

Cyber security

IT Helpdesk

We Can Help you With

Improvement of Healthcare

We are there to facilitate your patients by providing them with easy access to their medical information.

Extracting Useful Information

We help you out with the extraction of useful information from your healthcare data for making life-saving decisions.

Effective Time and Resource Utilization

With the help of process automation, we effectively utilize all the available resources so that they can gain you maximum benefit.

Ensuring Data Security

We work with security technologies such as blockchain to ensure the safety and security of personal health information (PHI) as well as personally identifiable information (PII) from all sorts of data breaches.

Services We Deliver

Technical Consultancy

We offer a two-weeks Discovery Workshop to understand the technical requirements and scope of your projects for providing you with an in-depth feasibility analysis.


With the help of thorough requirements engineering, we are able to deliver effective healthcare solutions to satisfy all your crucial needs.

Maintenance and Support

Even after the successful deployment of the healthcare solution, we are always there to support and assist you wherever you get stuck while using our solution.

Technologies We Employ


Machine Learning

Computer Vision


Big Data