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Quality Assurance (QA)

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Brilliant QA Testing Services

Folium AI believes in delivering software solutions that have thoroughly been tested for meeting world-class quality standards. We use all the latest QA tools and technologies to keep the errors and bugs at a bay hence creating a bond of mutual trust between our clients and our organization.

Services Offered

We fully realize the importance of QA testing in the field of software development. Therefore, we strive hard to provide you with all the different types of testing so that you end up working with bug-free and highly efficient software.

Automated Testing

Folium AI makes use of different automated QA testing tools for crosschecking the effectiveness of its software solutions. These tools help us in reporting software defects at an early stage hence enabling us to fix them before delivering the project.

Security Testing

Folium AI pays special attention to the security of our applications. To serve this purpose, security testing is performed to protect our applications from different cyber security threats and attacks in the long run.

Manual Testing

The manual testing service is dedicated specifically to custom software applications. It is performed by our experienced QA testers who not only test the user interface but also the overall functionality of the application to provide the best user experience.

Performance Testing

Performance testing is carried out to verify the effectiveness and efficiency of our software solutions. We have a pool of dedicated testers who analyze the performance of our products in different prospects to ensure the reliability of our applications.

Mobile Testing

Because of the rapid increase in mobile app development, we have made sure to have efficient mobile testing services that can help us deliver the right kind of mobile app development solutions.

10K +

Test Cases Developed

50K +

Error/Bugs Discovered

5K +

Automation Script Developed

100K +

Testing Hours Spent

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Our Power-Packed Quality Assurance Process


The finalization of the project scope eventually led to the creation of quality assurance testing strategies essential to achieve effectiveness.


Product execution is done to compare its actual performance with the expected performance to identify the software bugs and errors.


Recognize the technological tools and techniques to develop an incredible plan for the implementation of QA testing services.


Documentation of quality assurance testing procedure done to provide information related to the quality of code employed in software development.

Emerging Technologies

Using the most up-to-date and current technology, we create effective solutions for businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 1000.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different QA testing services offered by Folium AI?
- Automated Testing
- Performance Testing
- Security Testing
- Mobile Testing
- Manual Testing
What steps are involved in the QA testing process of Folium AI?
Planning -> Designing -> Execution -> Reporting
Can we hire a QA tester from Folium on an hourly basis?
Yes, you can hire a QA tester from Folium on an hourly basis.
How can I get started with the QA testing of my project with Folium AI?
To get started with us for your QA testing project, all you need to do is click on the following link:
Can Folium provide both manual and automated testing services?
Yes, depending on the client’s requirements, Folium provides both automated and manual testing services.
How do you ensure the security of a software project?
We have specialized security testing services that protect our applications from different cyber security threats and attacks in the long run.
Which tools and technologies do you use for performance testing?
- Apache JMeter
- BlazeMeter
- Gatling
- Load Runner
How do you calculate the cost of a basic QA testing project?
Depending on the scope of the QA testing project, we calculate the total cost by multiplying our hourly rate by the total number of hours required for testing the different features of the project.
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