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We create highly innovative, quality-centered, secure, and scalable web app frameworks to support your business growth. We provide custom web app development services all across the globe with an aim of creating responsive web interfaces that can guarantee a high level of customer satisfaction.

Why Folium AI?

Folium AI is a custom web app development firm aiming at the creation of the latest, technologically sound, up-to-the-mark, and scalable web applications tailored to fulfill day-to-day corporate goals. With the help of our dedicated web app development team, we have excelled in the creation of highly interactive web apps while utilizing the resources in the most effective manner hence making our solutions cost-effective. We serve our clients with web designing, development, testing, support, and maintenance. Folium AI is committed to enhancing business growth by creating world-class web applications.

The Coverage of our Web App

Thorough Market Research

An in-depth market analysis is performed prior to proceeding with the design and development to meet the market standards as well as the clients’ needs in the best possible manner. Special attention is paid on the enhancement of the features that can enable our clients to gain competitive advantage.

Blueprinting of Web Application

A very detailed blueprint of the web application is created so that all the changes during the development process can easily be incorporated and the design can be adjusted accordingly. Team meetings are arranged on a regular basis to make this plan all the more effective.

Designing of Web Application

The design of a web application plays a very vital role in delivering the true value of the product. The dedicated team of designers at Folium AI work day and night to create aesthetically pleasing design while keeping all the requirements of the clients in consideration.

Development of Web Application

The web app development at Folium AI revolves entirely around the agile development process that ensures a high level of customer satisfaction and trust. We specialize in both front-end and back-end web development solutions hence delivering a complete package to our clients.

QA Testing

Validation and verification are very crucial to ensure that all the customers’ requirements are fulfilled and there are no errors in the solutions that we deliver. Therefore, we keep a keen eye on the QA testing of our products at different stages to overcome all the issues beforehand so that we can serve our customers with the best-quality products.

Deployment and Maintenance

Folium AI not only hands over a workable web app solution to its clients but also works hand-in-hand with them for its deployment and maintenance. This is done to cater to the valuable feedback of our customers so that a strong and healthy working relationship can be built.

Types of Web App Solutions
We Develop

Customer Relationship Management

Supply Chain


Billing and Invoice Management


Marketing Campaign Management


Pricing Model

This section will contain the pricing model diagram.

Advance Tech-Stack
We Skilled In

We, being a leading web app development company hold exceptional proficiency in the development of incredible web applications, web portals, and web-based software offered as a service. Folium employs highly competitive advanced technological tools for the prosperity of our worthy clients.

Big Data

Data Science

Internet of Things

Computer Vision

Machine Learning

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality


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Services We Deliver


We at Folium AI are there to serve you with our custom web app development services that satisfy all the demands of your business. We are there to help you at all the different stages of the software development life cycle from the design till the maintenance of your web application.

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We also provide web development consultancy services in which we translate all your vague ideas into technical requirements that can easily be taken forward to the design and development stages. Moreover, we can also help you out with the resource and cost estimation of your web development projects.

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Legacy Software

Our skilled team of developers can also enable you to work with web applications that offer complete backward compatibility with which you can easily modernize your legacy web applications without losing the true essence of your traditional business models.

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