Mobile App Development

Meeting your Daily Work Requirements
with Our Mobile App Development Services

The dedicated mobile app developers at Folium AI are devoted to creating pleasing mobile applications that not only deliver the best of the best user experience but also compete to generate great corporate revenues.

The Coverage of Our Mobile App Development Services

Well Crafted App Design

The development team at Folium AI outshines at crafting eye-catching and appealing app designs that are 100% in accordance with the customers’ requirements.

Mobile App Development

We not only specialize in designing aesthetically pleasing interfaces but also in delivering efficient and robust mobile app development services.

Back-end Development

Our back-end mobile development service is mainly targeted towards achieving scalability while employing relevant cloud solutions. This also enables our clients to cater to all their advancing technological needs.

Full Stack Development

Our extremely skilled and experienced developers are great at developing interactive front-end solutions while paying equal importance to complex back-end solutions.

QA Testing

While developing mobile applications, we highly emphasize QA testing at every stage of SDLC to ensure the delivery of high-quality mobile applications.


We provide 100% help and support in compliance with the service level agreement (SLA) of the mobile applications developed by Folium AI.

Mobile App Development Procedure

Folium holds a 3 step procedure to provide mobile application development services efficiently:



  • Initial meeting with clients
  • Analyzing and drafting the clients’ requirements
  • Making a workable plan for mobile app development

Development and Testing

  • Programming of the mobile application
  • Regular meetings with the team to update each other on the progress
  • Testing of the mobile application
  • Deployment of the mobile application

Maintenance and Support

  • SLA generation for strong customer satisfaction
  • Development of support services
  • Help as per the clients’ needs

Our Mobile App Development Services

We use cutting-edge mobile app development solutions to assist our customers in becoming global online organizations.

iOS App Development

We have expertise in all the latest iOS app development technologies such as Swift, Objective C, Reactive Programming, Architecture Design Patterns, Analytics, etc. Our versatility in this domain can be realized from the fact that we have worked with different industries such as IoT, Fintech, Healthcare, Social Media Platforms, Education and Augmented Reality.

Android App Development

We also offer Android app development services right from the design of the application to its deployment on the PlayStore. The technologies that we use to serve this purpose include Java, Kotlin, Architecture Design Patterns, Reactive Programming, Dependency Injection, and Analytics.

QA Testing

We believe in delivering mobile app solutions that totally comply with software quality standards. For achieving this objective, we perform Functional Testing, White and Black Box Testing, Espresso UI Testing, etc. The tools that we use for this purpose include Selenium, Appium, JUnit, and XC Test.

Back-end Development

We understand the importance of fully compatible and secure back-end solutions with a visually appealing front-end design. To make this possible, we use Python Django, Ruby On Rails, Node JS, JSON, REST, and SSL Encryption.

Scalability and Interactivity

At Folium AI, we pay special attention to the modularity of mobile applications so that they can easily be scaled and upgraded as per the requirements of our clients. Moreover, this also ensures easy and seamless integration of the apps thus developed with other third-party applications.

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Our Workflow for Developing Mobile Applications

How We Build your Mobile Application

We have the latest app development technologies to help our clients.

Geo Tracking

If you require any kind of geolocation services integrated with your app for remote workforce management, vehicle tracking, device security, or even in-app marketing - we can embed our geolocation technology in your applications. Our team is here to serve you the services.

Virtual/Augmented Reality

We now have access to a powerful virtual/augmented development platform. Apple's ARKit and Google's ARCore are to thank for all of this. They also allow us to create some fantastic augmented reality-based mobile applications for our clients.


Folium is glad to say that we are among the early adopters of wearable mobile development services, as wearable is a relatively new niche and only a few firms are getting their hands dipped in wearable mobile development services.


Mobile applications and internet marketing have taken on new life due to iBeacon and geolocation technology. Businesses can gain a better audience reach with our hybrid mobile app development assistance for iBeacon and geolocation services.

Internet Of Things

We have a lot of expertise in designing IoT applications, which makes us a good fit for clients who want to make use of this new technology in mobile apps to meet consumer demands and market needs.


We have a dedicated mobile application development team that is gaining Blockchain experience. With the increasing popularity of this technology, there is a high demand for products based on it. As a result, you'll find Folium's services useful in this area as well.