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Mobile App Development

Meeting your Daily Work Requirements
with Our Mobile App Development Services

The dedicated mobile app developers at Folium AI are devoted to creating pleasing mobile applications that not only deliver the best of the best user experience but also compete to generate great corporate revenues.

Custom Mobile App Development Services

Mobile app development is a very fascinating yet multi-faceted process. Folium AI provides assistance for all the major dimensions of mobile app development.

Android App Development

We offer Android app development services right from the design of the application to its deployment on the PlayStore. The technologies that we use to serve this purpose include Java, Kotlin, Architecture Design Patterns, Reactive Programming, Dependency Injection, and Analytics.

iOS App Development

We have expertise in all the latest iOS app development technologies such as Swift, Objective C, Analytics, etc. Our versatility in this domain can be realized from the fact that we have worked with different industries such as IoT, Fintech, Healthcare, Social Media Platforms, Education, and AR.

Hybrid App Development

We also have a team of professionals for creating hybrid applications that have the qualities of both native as well as web apps. With our hybrid app development services, you can get your code written for once and then deploy it on multiple platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

Backend Development

We understand the importance of fully compatible and secure back-end solutions with a visually appealing front-end design. To make this possible, we use Python Django, Ruby On Rails, Node JS, JSON, REST, and SSL Encryption. With these services, you can ensure that your back-end is as good as your front-end.

Scalability and Interactivity

At Folium AI, we pay special attention to the modularity of mobile applications so that they can easily be scaled and upgraded as per the requirements of our clients. Moreover, this also ensures easy and seamless integration of the apps thus developed with other third-party applications.

QA Testing

We believe in delivering mobile app solutions that totally comply with software quality standards. To achieve this objective, we perform Functional Testing, White and Black Box Testing, Espresso UI Testing, etc. The tools that we use for this purpose include Selenium, Appium, JUnit, and XC Test.

Presence Across Global Industries

We excel in the development of a wide range of different mobile app solutions that include but are not limited to the following.


Folium AI leverages the usage of AI to analyze the patterns and behaviors pertaining to the Fintech industry and offers software product automation solutions.


To help healthcare professionals manage their day-to-day operations effectively, we come up with dedicated healthcare apps.

Travel and Tourism

Plan out your journeys and trips smoothly with our travel and tourism apps that can take care of everything from hotel reservations to meal bookings.

Real Estate

Promote interactive relationships between buyers, sellers, renters, and agents operating in the real estate industry with our customized mobile app development solutions.

Retail and E-Commerce

Gear up your omnichannel retail and e-commerce services with our dedicated mobile apps for offering a personalized experience to your customers.


Go online with our eLearning mobile applications and promote a smooth interaction between students and faculty members.

How We Do It?

Fast-track your project delivery using our simple three-step application development process.

Requirements Gathering

  • Defining the requirements
  • Analyzing the requirements
  • Documenting the process
  • Provide initial design

Development & Testing

  • Frontend & backend development
  • Weekly team meetings (SCRUM)
  • QA testing and client feedback
  • Deployment

Support & Maintenance

  • SLA Based Support
  • L3 and Production Support Services
  • Operational support where needed
  • On-going Support

Build A Success-Driven Development Team To Protect Your Project Scope

Prevent scope creep, frequent delays, and unplanned changes by building an exceptional development team. Here is what a success-driven development team looks like.

Our UI/UX designers work relentlessly to beautify the outlook and overall usability of your mobile applications. Their efforts are reflected clearly in the finished software product.
iOS Developer
Our iOS developers are committed to presenting a clear picture of the underlying environment, data processing, and third-party integrations thus guaranteeing security and efficiency.
Android Developer
Our Android developers work hand in hand with the designers to create compelling mobile app designs that are sure to drive traffic and increase conversions.
Product Manager
To ensure a smooth flow of the overall mobile app development project, you can completely trust the product managers at Folium AI.
Quality Assurance Engineer
The QA engineers at Folium AI believe in delivering high-quality mobile-based projects to ensure robustness and efficiency by incorporating manual and automated testing methods.

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Latest Trends in Mobile App Development

We make use of the latest technologies for mobile app development and incorporate relevant features into your mobile app to make it worthwhile.

Geo Tracking

If you require any kind of geolocation services integrated with your app for remote workforce management, vehicle tracking, device security, or even in-app marketing - we can embed our geolocation technology in your applications. Our team is here to serve you the services.

Virtual/Augmented Reality

We now have access to a powerful virtual/augmented development platform. Apple's ARKit and Google's ARCore are to thank for all of this. They also allow us to create some fantastic augmented reality-based mobile applications for our clients.


Folium is glad to say that we are among the early adopters of wearable mobile development services, as wearable is a relatively new niche and only a few firms are getting their hands dipped in wearable mobile development services.


Mobile applications and internet marketing have taken on new life due to iBeacon and geolocation technology. Businesses can gain a better audience reach with our hybrid mobile app development assistance for iBeacon and geolocation services.

Internet Of Things

We have a lot of expertise in designing IoT applications, which makes us a good fit for clients who want to make use of this new technology in mobile apps to meet consumer demands and market needs.


We have a dedicated mobile application development team that is gaining Blockchain experience. With the increasing popularity of this technology, there is a high demand for products based on it. As a result, you'll find Folium's services useful in this area as well.

Work Portfolio

So far, we have managed to build a variety of different mobile apps that have greatly improved the overall performance of our client’s businesses.


Python, Django, ReactJS, AWS

Daps Web Wallet

Daps Web Wallet

Infinity Careers

Python, Django, ReactJS, AWS


Python, Django, Vue.js, GCP

Nurse Bridge

React Native, Django, ReactJS, AWS

Advanced Tech Stack We Are Skilled In

Being a leading custom mobile application development company, we hold exceptional proficiency in the development of incredible mobile apps, and mobile-based software offered as a service. We employ advanced technological tools for the prosperity of our clients.



React Native



Objective C

Reviews that speak volume

Let us take a look at what our valued clients think about our custom mobile application development services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is mobile app development?
It is the process of creating software applications that can run on mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, etc.
Can you revamp an already existing mobile app?
Yes, Folium AI even offers mobile app revamping services in which we try to improve an already existing mobile app for our clients.
How do you calculate the cost of a mobile app development project?
Depending on the scope of the mobile app development project, we calculate the total cost by multiplying our hourly rate by the total number of hours spent on the project.
What are the different stages involved in your mobile app development process?
Requirements Gathering -> Development & Testing -> Maintenance & Support
How long does Folium AI take to develop a basic mobile application?
According to the required features and complexity of the mobile app development project, we generally take 6 to 8 weeks to develop a basic small project.
Are your mobile app development services only restricted to a certain industry?
No, our mobile app development services span multiple industries including Fintech, Healthcare, Education, Real Estate, E-Commerce, etc.
Do you also provide mobile app maintenance services?
Yes, we also provide mobile app maintenance services along with designing, development, and deployment.
How can I get started with Folium AI for my mobile app development project?
To get started with us for your mobile app development project, all you need to do is click on the following link:

The goal is to deliver quality-focused software products to aspiring businesses.