Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development
Supporting Innovative Transformations

Having a highly skilled and specialized team of developers, we have the ability to customize software development according to the growing needs of business enterprises regardless of their size. We focus on developing custom software applications that offer a high level of reliability and flexibility.

Our Custom Software Development Services

Web App Development

Our unmatchable web app development expertise enable us to deliver extremely interactive web interfaces along with perfectly compatible back-end solutions.

Mobile App Development

We also excel in native as well as cross-platform mobile app development to cater to the diverse needs of mobile phone users.

Cloud App Development

Folium AI offers promising services for migrating the software solutions to the cloud-based platforms for easier accessibility, data security, and scalability.

Our Software Development Lifecycle

Requirement Elicitation

  • Planning the Project Composition

  • Deciding on Project Deliverables

  • Deciding the Project Budget

  • Drafting the Project Agreement

  • Classifying the Use Cases

  • Assembling the User Stories

Design and Development

  • Project Profile Design

  • UX Engineering

  • Management of the Source Code

  • Compilation of the Code

  • Record Keeping of the Code

Delivery and Maintenance

  • Finalizing the Project Delivery

  • Carrying out Modifications

  • User Documentation and Training

  • Performing Scheduled Maintenance

  • Releasing Software Guides and Manuals

Folium Supporting Various Business Platforms


  • MVP Development to Earn Competitive Edge

  • Fixed Price Models for Estimated Budgeting

  • Agile Development to Speed up the Process


  • Accommodating Engagement Models

  • Robust Skills & Efficient Industry Expertise

  • Proven Optimization Techniques


  • Provide Consultation for Future Investments

  • Compliance with Industrial Standards

  • Leveraging the Latest Tech Updates

Emerging Technologies

Using the most up-to-date and current technology, we create effective solutions for businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 1000.