UI/UX Design

How We Build Your Product Experience?

At Folium AI, we have a detailed step-wise procedure for offering you the most delightful design experience for improving your website/app’s reachability.

Research and Discovery
    • Carry out a thorough discussion with the clients regarding their design preferences
    • Convey the gathered requirements effectively to the developers
Ideation and Wireframing
    • Brainstorm and create paper-based prototypes of the elicited requirements
    • Get feedback on these paper-based prototypes from potential clients
Visual Design
    • Make use of a digital tool for mapping the wireframe on a digital design
    • Let the clients approve this design before creating an actual prototype
Prototyping and Testing
    • Design test application interfaces for testing and finding bugs
    • Fix all the potential issues in the prototype before implementation
Development and Implementation
    • Turn the approved prototype into a fully functional mobile/web application
    • Ensure robustness and responsiveness of the end product
Launch and Iteration
    • Launch the current version of the application
    • After getting feedback from the client, improve the application in the next iteration

Our Work

We specialize in turning your vision into reality through our highly dedicated UI/UX design services


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Why Should Businesses Go For Our UI/UX Design Services?

Our team of creative designers provides impeccable design solutions that offer users an amusing experience, leading to better conversions

Enhanced Customer Loyalty

With the help of our exceptional UI/UX design services, you can certainly enhance your customer loyalty and compel them to keep coming back to your web/mobile app.

Faster Development

We specialize in designing your web/mobile apps in record timing. We clearly convey the timelines to our clients at the beginning of the project and live up to our commitments.

Higher Productivity

By handing over your UI/UX design tasks to Folium AI, you can invest your valuable time and other resources in various tasks with which you can surely increase your business productivity.

Increased Conversion Rates

When customers are pleased with the interfaces and outlook of your web/mobile app, they will visit it more often which, in turn, will increase the chances of conversion of your app visitor.

Our Digital Product Design Expertise

Our skilled UI/UX design team prioritizes user requirements while focusing on building useful, engaging, and efficient user experiences. From user boarding to feedback, our products are made up of cohesive experiences that work in unison.

Website Design and Redesign

We specialize in creating exquisite website designs from scratch that are sure to attract the masses. Along with this, we can even redesign your already existing website to improve its outlook altogether.

Web App UI/UX Design

At Folium AI, we invest the creativity and hard work of our designers in creating aesthetically pleasing web app UI/UX designs with which you can significantly increase the outreach of your web app.

Mobile App UI/UX Design

Along with web apps, we equally excel in crafting compelling UI/UX designs for mobile apps. No matter which underlying platform your mobile app is operating on, we can make your mobile app stand out with our expertise.

Wireframing and Prototyping

You can even benefit from our wireframing and prototyping services with which you can have a clear understanding of how your web/mobile app is going to look and function once it is successfully implemented.

Design Tools We Use

We have proven capabilities in working with all the latest UI/ UX tools and technologies that include but are not limited to the following:

Reviews that speak volume

To gain a deeper insight into the achievements of Folium AI, let us take a look at what our valued clients have to say about our UI/ UX design services.




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Frequently Asked Questions

What is UI/UX design?
UI/UX design refers to the process of enhancing user interfaces and experiences to the fullest to offer maximum satisfaction to the end user and make the websites/apps highly usable.
Is there any difference between UI and UX design?
Yes, UI design is more about the visual layout of a website/app that includes color schemes, design patterns, fonts, animations, etc. On the other hand, UX design revolves around the user’s interaction with your website/app and its overall usability.
What is the job of a UI/UX designer?
A UI designer works on the enhancement of the visual layout of a website/app including aspects such as animations, graphics designing, branding, etc. whereas a UX designer is responsible for interaction design, usability testing, prototype design, etc.
What is the impact of a good user experience on the success of a business?
A good user experience can guarantee maximum conversion. When your website/app visitors will find it convenient to navigate around, they are more likely to become returning customers of your business which, in turn, makes it successful.
What are the steps involved in the UI/UX design process of Folium AI?
Research & Discovery -> Ideation & Wireframing -> Visual Design -> Prototyping & Testing -> Development & Implementation -> Launch & Iteration
What are the options available for hiring a UI/UX designer from Folium AI?
There are 4 options available for hiring our UI/UX designers that are as follows: 1) Project Based 2) Hourly Basis 3) Dedicated Team 4) Rely on our assistance
How do you calculate the cost of a typical UI/UX design project?
Depending on the scope of the UI/UX project, we calculate the total cost by multiplying our hourly rate by the total number of hours spent on the project.
How long does it take to deliver a successful UI/UX project?
According to the required features and complexity of the UI/UX project, we generally take 6 to 8 weeks for a basic small project and 12 to 16 weeks for a complex lengthy project.