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Dedicated Teams, We Have

From development and design to quality assurance and consultancy, you can create any dedicated team of your choice.

React.js Developers

Build exquisite user interfaces to offer the most delightful user experience by hiring our dedicated React.js developers. We not only provide our amazing development services rather also guide you on how to make your interfaces more appealing.

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Node.js Developers

If you are interested in creating robust server-side applications, then take our Node.js development services that will enable you to create cross-platform and highly functional applications that can contribute to your business growth.

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Python Developers

Hire our Python developers to build efficient software and websites, analyze your data, and automate your tasks. By using this programming language, you will not just be able to enhance the readability of your code but also create diverse programs.

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MERN Stack Developers

If you want your application development to revolve all around MongoDB, Express, React, and Node, then hire our MERN stack developers now! Enjoy the benefits of efficient and responsive applications by availing of our MERN stack development services.

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SaaS Developers

Hire our freelance software developers to provide a wide array of professional and efficient software solutions to cater to your needs thus enjoying the best digital experience possible. Kickstart your SaaS development journey now!

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Data Engineers

Data is the new oil! To gain maximum benefits from your valuable data, hire our data engineers now! Our data engineering team not only analyzes your data carefully but also enables you to extract actionable insights for you to make informed decisions.

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UI/UX Designers

With the help of an exceptional team of UI/ UX designers, you can create attractive and visually appealing interfaces. We aim to deliver the best user experience by incorporating relevant AI/ML techniques with UI/UX design strategies.

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JavaScript Developers

Hire our dedicated JavaScript developers to create highly innovative, and scalable web apps to support your business growth. We provide custom web app development services globally for creating responsive web interfaces.

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QA Testers

Our QA testers believe in delivering software solutions that have thoroughly been tested for meeting world-class quality standards. We use all the latest QA tools and technologies to keep the errors and bugs at bay.

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WordPress Developers

Explore the magic of WordPress development by hiring our WordPress developers. Our developers are capable enough to help you with both frontend and backend development so that you can conveniently create high-quality websites.

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DevOps Engineers

The DevOps engineering team at Folium AI lets you automate, integrate, and deliver faster with its DevOps solutions and services that perfectly complement all your IT needs. Hire remote developers today to excel in the domain of DevOps!

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React Native Developers

If you want to modify an existing Android or iOS application or want to build one from scratch, hire our React Native developers today. The apps created with React Native are highly customizable since they are built with native Android or iOS components.

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Java Developers

Hire our Java development team to work with a traditional yet highly object-oriented programming language that is as popular today as it was in the past. You can conveniently develop mobile apps, web apps, games, etc. using this programming language.

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Shopify Developers

Accelerate development, testing, and deployment by hiring our Shopify developers. Our Shopify development services enable you to create highly engaging, appealing, and functional E-Commerce websites by making use of the Shopify platform.

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Android Developers

Our Android app developers are committed to creating robust mobile apps that not only deliver the best user experience but also compete to generate great corporate revenues. With Folium AI, you can be sure to develop out-of-the-box mobile apps.

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iOS Developers

We not only provide our expertise in Android app development rather also in iOS app development so that our clients can enjoy amazing user experiences while working with iOS-based apps and complete their intended tasks with ease.

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Experience The Power Of Our Dedicated Development Services

By hiring dedicated teams from Folium AI, you can earn numerous business benefits.

Fast Dedicated Team Creation

After understanding your requirements, we take no time to create a dedicated team for you that perfectly satisfies all your needs.

Expert Project Management

We not only provide design and development services rather we also take care of your overall project with our exceptional project management services.

Cost Reduction

By hiring dedicated professionals to deliver your projects, you can significantly reduce your operational costs.

Quick Team Expansion

During your ongoing project, if at any time, your resource needs scale up, Folium AI allows for a quick team expansion very seamlessly.

Tech Expertise

No matter which programming languages or technologies you want to work with, we have tech expertise in diverse domains.

Faster Time-To-Market

The experience and expertise of our dedicated professionals let you deliver your projects faster and attain maximum efficiency.

How Folium AI Assembles A Dedicated Team?

We have a very simple 3-step procedure for assembling a dedicated team at Folium AI.

Collecting Your Requirements

We first schedule meetings with our clients to know about all their requirements clearly. Then, based on their preferences, we suggest a team layout to them and get their consent on the structure of the dedicated team.

Assembling and Setting up Your Dedicated Team

Once everything is agreed upon, we start interviewing and selecting the relevant team members for a particular project and after explaining the project details to them, we get them on board to officially start the project.


After a careful selection of all the resources, we launch this dedicated team so that your project can be started at its earliest and we can achieve great business milestones together with teamwork and collaboration.

Our Work

We specialize in turning your vision into reality through our highly dedicated development, design, engineering, QA testing, and consultancy services


Python, Django, ReactJS, AWS

Daps Web Wallet

MERN Stack

Infinity Careers

Python, Django, ReactJS, AWS


Python, Django, Vue.js, GCP

Nurse Bridge

React Native, Django, ReactJS, AWS

Emerging Technologies

We have proven capabilities in working with all the latest tools and technologies that include but are not limited to the following:

Reviews that speak volume

Let us take a look at what our valued clients think about our dedicated design and development services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only offer development services in terms of a dedicated team?
No, we also offer design, consultancy, and QA testing services through our dedicated teams.
What are the different engagement models that you offer?
- Fixed Cost
- Dedicated Team
- Startup
- Staff Augmentation
How can I avail of your services for my software project?
All you need to do is to head on to the following link:
Do you also offer post-launch maintenance support?
Yes, we also offer post-launch maintenance support to our valued clients.
Can I get my dedicated team expanded for an ongoing project?
Yes, we offer a quick expansion of the dedicated team while working on a project as well according to the growing needs of our clients.
What are some of the benefits of hiring a dedicated team?
- Faster Time-To-Market
- Cost Reduction
- Enhanced Business Productivity
- Optimized Resource Usage
Which steps are involved in assembling a dedicated team at Folium AI?
Collecting Your Requirements -> Assembling & Setting Up Your Dedicated Team -> Launching
How do you ensure the quality of software projects?
Our dedicated team of QA testers makes sure to test the project during every stage of development through manual as well as automated testing methods to deliver a high-quality software product.
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