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How to Debug an iOS App?

How to Debug an iOS App?

19 Jan 2023

Debugging is the process of locating and fixing errors and bugs within software or an application. No matter how much experience you have in application and software development. It can still not guarantee that you will never make a mistake. Even a senior Python developer with years of development experience has the tendency to make mistakes. Therefore, even after spending a great amount of time in app development, you should not move to its release before debugging it properly. In this blog, we will be talking about the method of debugging an iOS application. 

Advantages of Debugging

Before heading on to how you can debug an iOS app, it is good to take a look at all the advantages of debugging an application. These benefits will compel you to debug your application prior to launching it in the market. These benefits are as follows:

  • Early detection of errors and bugs
  • Fixing the errors and bugs at an earlier stage saves time and other resources
  • Gain the trust of your customers
  • Attain a competitive advantage by releasing error-free apps and software

Which Tool Can you Use for Debugging an iOS App?

If we talk particularly about an iOS application, then the best tool that we can use for debugging it is Xcode. Xcode is an integrated development environment (IDE) invented by Apple for developing and debugging iOS applications. This tool allows the developers to run their application code with breakpoints. This highlights the sections of code that lead to errors. In this way, you can isolate those chunks of code, fix the issues, and re-run your iOS application to see if it is running smoothly or not. No matter if you are a senior Python developer or a newbie developer. You must go through this drill to ensure that your iOS app is performing perfectly well before it can be made available publicly. 

Steps for Debugging an iOS App

The debugging process of an iOS app with Xcode involves distinct steps. We will be discussing them all one by one.

Step # 1: Setting up your iOS App Project for Debugging

You first need to gather the iOS application’s code that you wish to debug and load it into the Xcode tool. This is done so that you can easily perform debugging on this code.

Step # 2: Configuring Xcode for Debugging

Now, you need to set up the Xcode tool for debugging your iOS application. For that, you will have to select a suitable debugging method available. Moreover, you can also explore other settings related to debugging on your own and you can configure them according to your requirements. 

Step # 3: Setting Breakpoints for Debugging your iOS App

Within the Xcode tool, you have the option of setting up the breakpoints according to your preference. You can apply the breakpoints on any lines of code of your choice. A breakpoint is applied to any point to pause your running application at that particular point to see if it throws any exception or not that you can fix later. 

Step # 4: Running your iOS App with Breakpoints

After setting up the breakpoints at your desired spots, you simply need to run your iOS application with those breakpoints. Your application execution will pause at every breakpoint. From there, you will have to resume its execution manually if everything seems fine. Otherwise, if any error occurs during the execution of your iOS application, Xcode will simply pinpoint the exact chunk of your code which has led to this error.

Step # 5: Fixing all the Highlighted Issues

After locating the erroneous section[s] of your code, you can simply go to those locations and fix those issues. After that, you can re-run your iOS application to ensure that it is running smoothly.


This is exactly how easy it is to debug an iOS application. If you will spend some time on the debugging process initially, then it will save you from the hassle of facing bigger problems in the future when your iOS app is in the hands of your customers. However, if you still need any further assistance with the testing and debugging of your iOS application, then you can instantly reach out to Folium AI.

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