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Top 2 UI Kits for Android and iOS App Design

Top 2 UI Kits for Android and iOS App Design

06 Feb 2023

App development requires a proper thought process along with dedication and hard work to succeed. It is a combination of multiple components that should be connected together in a perfect manner for an app to attract the attention of potential customers. The functionality of a mobile app undoubtedly plays a very important role in grabbing the attention of customers. However, its UI is something that retains that grabbed attention. It is so because if a user is not contented with the overall look and feel of your app, he will never come back to use it after once. 

To build an attractive UI for offering an amazing user experience, you need to have exceptional mobile UI UX design services. However, at times, it gets a bit difficult to build everything from scratch. Especially if you are trying to build an app with similar functionality that is offered by some other already existing app in the market. Also, it is very important to keep the layout of your mobile app consistent across all the different screens. This leads us to find a solution for quickly building a UI on top of a pre-built UI template.

These pre-built UI templates are known as UI kits. This guide will talk about the top 2 UI kits that you can use for both Android and iOS app design for enhancing their appearance. 

Why Should you Consider using a UI Kit for Mobile App Design?

By now, we have talked quite a bit about the UI kits used for creating mobile app designs. However, the following are the most common reasons that can compel you to use a UI kit for mobile app design:

  • The mobile UI UX design services are too expensive
  • You want to save your precious time
  • It is hard for you to keep the mobile app’s layout consistent
  • You do not have sufficient expertise to develop out-of-the-box UI designs

All of these reasons and many others like these will definitely urge you to use a UI kit. Below, we will be talking about the two most famous tools that offer you a wide range of different UI kits for both iOS and Android operating systems.

Adobe XD

Adobe XD is one of the most commonly used vector design tools that is used for creating exquisite UI and UX designs. This tool offers a large number of varying UI kits for both Android and iOS. The best thing about this tool is that it is absolutely free to use. Moreover, the UI kits that it offers are also freely available for download. You can simply visit the official site of this tool to explore all the amazing UI kits that it offers. After selecting a suitable UI kit, you can simply download it and start using it right away.


Figma is another versatile tool for app design that offers multiple UI kits for both the Android and iOS platforms. It is also a free tool which means you can download any suitable UI kit via Figma free of cost. This tool will help you out a lot in designing pleasing user interfaces. Especially if you cannot afford expensive mobile UI UX design services. With a UI kit downloaded from this platform, you can simply customize all the offered components according to your particular needs. Hence, you can build a visually appealing UI eventually.


For optimizing your overall mobile app designing and development processes, you must use a UI kit for mobile app design. This will save your precious time in performing redundant and monotonous tasks. Moreover, it will also enable you to create attractive user interfaces. However, if you still want to outsource your mobile app design task, then you can take the mobile UI UX design services of Folium AI.

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