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A multi-tenant marketplace platform to enable users to find their robotic solutions and quotes from different vendors.

Tech Stack

  • Python/Django
  • ReactJS
  • AWS
  • Stripe
  • PostgreSQL


  • QA
  • Web Development

Our Role

  • Building a 3D built-in product configurator
  • Displaying a vast collection of industrial robotic parts
  • Creating a viable e-commerce platform
  • Improving user experience and increasing profit margins with the help of data analytics

Project Key Features

  • Multi-Tenant Marketplace
  • Built-In 3D Configurator
  • Zapier App for Task Automation for Vendors
  • Automated Freight and Parcel Shipping Cost Calculation


  • E-Commerce


Botics offers a comprehensive catalogue that consists of a diverse range of industrial robots and parts with details product listings. It also offers interactive 3D configuration and a detailed visualization with 3D models. We have embedded an intuitive Landbot chat with which you can get automated recommendations and interactive consultation. Moreover, Botics also offers personalized 3D assembly visualization and suggestive additions for enhanced functionality.


A platform where we can find robotic parts and view them in 3D that are offered by different vendors.


We built a solution that not only presents the robotic parts from different vendors but also offers recommendations and suggestions based on the customer’s requirements.

The goal is to deliver quality-focused software products to aspiring businesses.