Keep Your Finances Safe and Your Information Private


DAPS - Decentralized Anonymous Payment System, is a privacy blockchain with a focus on security, scalability, and total privacy. The DAPS protocol has created a fully anonymous staking coin and payment system with a trustless governance structure, based upon the latest privacy technologies.

Project Features

DAPS is a globally located decentralized cryptocurrency project. Whilst DAPS is driven by a leadership team, the project is community funded.

Ring Confidential Transaction
Dual Key System


In traditional blockchains and various "partial" anonymity chains, the users are exposed to analytics and malicious attack vectors. Many attackers/hackers worldwide use this exposed data to exploit cryptocurrency users. We aim to preserve everyone's right to control their finances as they see fit. DAPS successfully merged and tested privacy protocols to create the most private blockchain.


DAPS Coin is proud to have a community of over 6000 active users and a total following of over 15 000. The project is community-driven and thanks to our supporters we keep on building the DAPS ecosystem.