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5 Simple Steps to Make a Food Delivery App

5 Simple Steps to Make a Food Delivery App

06 Feb 2023

In today’s fast-paced world, can you think of spending 2 to 3 hours going to a restaurant or a grocery store? Just to pick up your food or some ingredients that you need to make your meal. Well, certainly not. We all know that time is money, and since we are normally running short on time, we definitely do not want to waste most of it doing something that can be done through some other extremely efficient means. Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about the food delivery apps over here. They have brought about a significant level of ease and convenience. 

Food delivery apps were not as common 5 to 7 years ago as they are now. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world hard. All of us were confined to our homes during that era. Hence every single task that we could possibly think of went online. This provided a great opportunity for food delivery apps to penetrate the tech industry. When more and more people started using these apps, the demand for food delivery apps grew tremendously.

It is very evident that the development of a good business app straightaway guarantees you success. To reassure this, you can even take a look at our blog on the importance of an app for your business. However, as far as the scope of today’s discussion is concerned, then we are interested in sharing with you the 5 simple steps for making a food delivery app. So let us quickly begin with it. 

Step # 1: Begin with a Thorough Market Survey

No matter what type of app you plan to build, it all starts with rigorous market research. With the help of this, you can actually figure out the requirements of your potential customers. Along with that, you can get a chance to validate your app development idea. If we talk specifically about the food delivery apps, then this process will help you identify whether you really need a mobile app for your business or not, what your clients want to have in your food delivery app, how much cost will incur in developing one, and how will this app be going to facilitate your business in the longer run. 

Step # 2: Identify your Food Delivery App Model

Depending on the extent of your involvement in the food chain, your food delivery app model can differ. Generally speaking, there are three main types of food delivery app models that are discussed below:

  • Own the Delivery Process: This is the most resource-intensive model since you have to take care of the delivery services on your own. It means that you will develop a food delivery app for your own restaurant or grocery store, will get the food or ingredients ready on customer orders. Then it will also be responsible for delivering them to the customer’s doorstep. 
  • Take Services of a Third-Party Delivery Service Provider: When you do not have the capacity to take care of the delivery services on your own, then this model comes into play in which you can simply hire a third-party delivery service provider. You will able to take orders from your customers through your app, process them, and inform the delivery service provider. A rider from their team will pick up the order and deliver it to the target customer.
  • Just Connect the Customers with the Food Chain: At times, you are only supposed to create a food delivery app to connect a restaurant or more with the customers. In that case, your job is only to provide a communication bridge between the customers and the restaurants. The contacted restaurant handles the order processing and delivery directly. 

After analyzing your requirements and performing thorough market research, you will be in a good position to decide which food delivery app model you wish to go with.

Step # 3: Decide on the Main Features of your Food Delivery App

Most of the time, the basic features of a food delivery app are the same. However, if you are planning to build something extremely personalized and customized according to your specific business needs, then these features may vary. Usually, a food delivery app has a login interface for user authentication be it the customer, the restaurant, or the delivery service provider. After that, there should be a feature for the customers to select the different items from your menu and put them into their cart.

You should also incorporate all the suitable payment methods in your food delivery app. A location tracking system should also be implemented to smooth out the delivery process. The menu and notifications should update periodically. Also, the user interface plays a very important role in attracting your potential customers. Therefore, you might need to hire a frontend React developer for beautifying the overall appearance of your food delivery app.

Step # 4: Determine the Food Delivery App Development Methodology

Now, comes the most crucial step in the quest for food delivery app development. Depending on your available resources, you can select one of the following food delivery app development methodologies:

  • Build your food delivery app on your own.
  • Use an app builder for no-code or low-code food delivery app development.
  • Hire a freelance app developer for your food delivery app.
  • Outsource your food delivery app development project to a mobile app development company like Folium AI

The decision of selecting a suitable development option will entirely rely on whether you have relevant expertise in app development or not. If not, then how much are you willing to spend on outsourcing this project? If you have carefully drafted your food delivery app development budget and have also identified your requirements nicely in the steps above, then you will easily be able to pick up the most relevant app development option for your business. However, you should keep this thing in mind that for the last two options, you should have a sound app development budget as you might need to hire more than one developer in this regard. For example, a frontend React developer for user interface development and a backend developer for server-side functionality.

Step # 5: Work on the Promotion of your Food Delivery App

After building an exquisite food delivery app for your business, the next big thing to do is marketing. You should make use of all your social media channels to promote your app. Share the links to download your food delivery app on your website as well. You can even offer some discounts to your customers on using your food delivery app. In this way, you will be able to monetize your food delivery app. Additionally, you will also be able to acquire more and more customers for your business. 


Food delivery app development is a simple but very genius move for restaurant owners these days. Your business will grow by leaps and bounds by providing the utmost ease and satisfaction to your customers. This guide enlightened you on all the important steps that you will need to go through for developing your next food delivery app.

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