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Tokenization in Blockchain- Undeniable Benefits

Tokenization in Blockchain- Undeniable Benefits

13 Mar 2023

In simple terms, blockchain tokenization refers to converting an asset or its ownership into a unique token. We can then use these tokens for the buying or selling of these assets. The tokens are there to secure an asset by storing similar information as that of the asset but not its original information. In this way, the actual asset stays protected throughout its lifecycle. Tokenization has indeed brought about a positive impact on the usage of blockchain technology. In this blog, we will be talking about some of the undeniable benefits of this concept. However, before going down to it, we will first talk briefly about the different types of tokenization. 

Types of Tokenization

It has the following 5 main types:

  • Security Tokens- These tokens are used to validate the ownership of an asset.
  • Governance Tokens- These tokens are used to represent the voting rights of citizens. We can cast votes or collaborate within a network using these tokens.
  • Utility Tokens- They are the most common form of tokens. They find their usage in paying transaction fees, initiating a transaction, accessing the ownership rights of an asset, etc. 
  • Fungible Tokens- These are non-unique tokens. It means that one can easily replace or replicate them.
  • Non-Fungible Tokens- These are unique tokens that cannot be replicated. Also, the transaction history associated with these tokens can easily be tracked.

Benefits of Tokenization

Now, after understanding its different types, let us try to dig deeply into the benefits of tokenization.

Tokenization Brings in Convenience

Tokenization enhances liquidity. It means that it increases the outreach of an asset in a way that can target a much larger audience. In this way, financial transactions become all the more convenient. 

Saves Time

This concept saves a lot of time in performing digital transactions. It is so because it removes the need for all the intermediaries involved in a normal transaction. Thus, a tokenized transaction takes place at a much faster pace. 

Tokenization Increases Security

Tokens do not contain the actual information of an asset rather some valuable references to it. Resultantly, your assets stay secure during all sorts of transactions. 

Reduces Costs

This process cuts down the transactional costs by removing all the intermediaries involved in between. A user sitting anywhere around the globe having a digital device with a sound Internet connection can perform a blockchain transaction easily.

Promotes Transparency

The transaction history associated with a blockchain token is easily traceable. It means that anyone can verify the authenticity of an asset. This makes the overall process extremely transparent and reliable.

Concluding Remarks

Tokenization has indeed revolutionized the entire working of blockchain technology. By using this, you can enjoy its numerous benefits very conveniently. However, if you are looking to develop your own blockchain network, then you can take the services of Folium AI.

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