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5 Things to Consider BEFORE Building Your App

5 Things to Consider BEFORE Building Your App

09 Jan 2023

With the rapid increase in the usage of the latest technological devices, the demand for new and useful applications is on the rise. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has also changed the way people used to interact with each other. Be it shopping or taking lectures, attending corporate events or booking your rides, planning your holidays, or simply communicating with your acquaintances. All these needs can now be fulfilled with the help of web and mobile apps. 

Obviously, whenever you plan to build an application, you have a brilliant idea in your mind. It also has an associated purpose that you wish to fulfill. Nevertheless, you cannot certainly say that no one else has ever come up with this idea ever before. In a nutshell, you must have a unique selling point to surpass your competitors. For achieving this goal, you need to give due consideration to the following 5 things before you dive into building an application. 

Start off with MVP Development

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a mini-version of your actual product. It has just enough features to be used by a few customers to gain early feedback. This also gives you a reality check on the feasibility of the features that you will incorporate into your application. Moreover, with the help of valuable suggestions from your customers, you can conveniently improvise your app. These modifications will strongly be in accordance with the preferences of your target market. Therefore, you should shift your focus to MVP development for utilizing your resources in an effective manner.

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Decide on a Suitable Platform

If we specifically talk about mobile applications, then the two platforms that instantly cross our minds are Android and iOS. So, you need to have a very clear understanding of which platform you wish to target with your app. Nevertheless, you can also create an all-rounder i.e. an application that can work perfectly well on all the platforms out there. In other words, you can develop an application that is cross-platform. However, you specifically need to plan this thing beforehand. It will eventually affect the team of developers that you will be hiring for your app development project. 

Choose your Development Team Wisely

Now comes the most important step that you need to take before heading on to the development of your app. Yes, you need to carefully decide on the development team who will be working on your project. Let us try to understand how you can do this. Assuming that you have decided to make a cross-platform mobile app, then this straightaway means that you will need an Android as well as an iOS developer so that the development of both versions of the app can take place simultaneously hence saving your precious time. Not just this, you would also be requiring the expertise of integrating your app with other available tools and services out there. For example, you might need cloud storage for saving your application data. For catering to such needs, you will need to hire a full-stack developer as well who will be well aware of these technicalities. 

After deciding on your developers, you will also need to draw your attention towards hiring a designer with sound aesthetics because no matter what kind of app you are planning to build, you would want to attract as many customers as possible from your targeted audience. An experienced designer can help you build exceptionally pleasing interfaces hence satisfying your customers to the best possible extent. Then, you will also require a QA tester who can ensure that your app is working properly under all the different test cases. In this way, you can easily fix all the bugs before deploying your app. Last but definitely not least, you need to have a Project Manager who can lead the project in the right direction, can plan the schedule of deliverables, and ensure that all the deadlines are met. Basically, he will be managing the entire app development process.

In a nutshell, you need to have a team of six different people to turn your app development dream into reality. This number can vary depending on the platforms that you wish to cater to. For example, you will not need an iOS developer if you only wish to develop an Android app and vice-versa.

Identify the Already Existing Tools and Services

Gone are the days when we had extremely simple apps with very limited functionality, for example, a simple calculator. Modern-day apps are capable of serving multiple purposes that are an add-on for the main idea behind developing the app. Ideally, you should spend your maximum efforts on delivering the main functionality of your app rather than on the supporting features. This is where the existing tools and services come into play. You need to be well aware of the availability of the components that you wish to include in your app. Because if a secondary element, tool, or service of your app already exists out there in the market, then you do not need to build it from scratch instead you can simply get it from the market and integrate it into your app. 

For example, you want to build a food delivery application that will take the user’s delivery location as input. It means that you will need to incorporate a GPS service into your app. We all know that Google Maps is by far the most widely used GPS service throughout the globe. Therefore, you do not need to implement your own GPS service rather you can simply take the services of Google Maps. In the same manner, you can use other existing tools and services in your app as well that you find relevant. This will not only save your time and effort but will also increase the performance of your application.

Perform a Rigorous Market Analysis

Market research is a very critical part of the pre-app development process. It helps you in identifying the latest market trends as well as customers’ preferences. This will give you a clear insight into the question that whether the app you are going to build will be able to sustain itself in the current technology market or not. You will be able to pick out the best development practices along with the highest in-demand infrastructure for deploying your apps that is also in accordance with your overall app development budget. A thorough market research will surely enable you to gain a competitive advantage and generate unparalleled revenues. 

Concluding Remarks

Below is a summary of everything that you should do before getting started with your app development process.

  • Begin with an MVP development-first approach to get valuable customer feedback at an early stage.
  • Determine the OS platform for which you wish to build the app.
  • Pay close attention to finalizing your development team.
  • Figure out the existing tools and services that you can use for your app development project. This will save you from the hassle of building the same functionality from scratch.
  • Most important of all, carry out thorough market research. This will make your app the next biggest lead-generation project in the market.

Following these best practices will definitely help you out in building a next-level application. This, in turn, will surely attract a fairly large number of users. 

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