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3 Ways of Becoming a Mobile App Developer

3 Ways of Becoming a Mobile App Developer

06 Feb 2023

Mobile app development is indeed a great skill to acquire in today’s fast-paced technological environment. However, not as simple as it sounds, this skill is a combination of multiple different skill sets. For example, you are good at backend development, in fact, you are a sr backend developer. Even then, for becoming a mobile app developer, you would also need to learn frontend development. 

Now, you might be thinking why do I need to learn mobile app development in the first place? We will give you two different reasons for answering this question. Surprisingly, both these reasons revolve around money. We will tell you how. Firstly, you might want to develop an app for your business but you cannot afford to outsource mobile app development. Secondly, you might want to expand your business to earn more money by building apps for your clients.

In both these scenarios, you need to have adequate mobile app development skills. Therefore, if you are a beginner in the field of mobile app development, then this guide is solely for you. In this one, we will be teaching you the different ways through which you can become a mobile app developer.  

First Course of Action: Master the Art of Coding

The first choice in the quest of becoming a mobile app developer is undoubtedly to learn to code. This is the hardest way in this regard as it takes a good amount of time for you to get your hands on it. However, it is definitely the most reliable and rewarding option in the long run. This approach allows you to become your own boss since you can take control of everything on your own. From app ideation to design and development, you will be able to do everything on your own. In this way, your mobile app will look and function exactly like you would have imagined it to in the first place.

However, as we have already stated, it is a relatively complex approach to adopt. You will have to learn everything from scratch. For doing so, there are different options such as doing a complete degree in a field like Computer Science. Attending relevant boot camps, doing online programming courses, learning from YouTube lectures, etc. You can choose any of these options to polish your coding skills depending on the available resources. Once you have mastered your programming skills, you can conveniently build mobile apps for your own business. Or even for your other clients.

Second Course of Action: Use a No-Code App Development Platform

If you are not a coding geek or you simply cannot wait to learn to code. Instead, you want to develop a mobile app instantly, then this option is definitely meant for you. You can take this approach by selecting a suitable no-code app development platform such as Appy Pie, Quixy, Retool, Ionic, etc. The list of such tools these days simply goes on and on and there is no end to it. These tools basically allow you to simply use the drag-and-drop approach for building an entire mobile app. There are pre-built templates available with these tools that you can customize according to your requirements.

With just a few clicks, you can create an amazing mobile app. That too without writing even a single line of code. However, the only downside associated with this approach is that you cannot develop very high-end mobile apps with it. For example, you plan on developing an app revolving around augmented reality. Then that surely requires a high level of programming from the developer’s end.  This will be beyond the capacity of any such no-code app development platforms.

Third Course of Action: Go for a Blend of Code and No-Code Approach

At times, you do have the basic programming knowledge but at the same time, you are not completely satisfied with the functionality of a no-code app development platform. That is exactly the situation in which you can go for this approach. This option makes use of low-code app development platforms like Appian, Quickbase, Kissflow, etc. using which you can integrate pre-built components to your mobile app. However, for having additional specialized functionality in your app, you can even do a little coding to take control of the overall working of your mobile app. In this way, we can say that this option is a nice mesh of the code and no-code mobile app development approaches. 

Wrapping it Up

If you want your mobile app to leave an everlasting impact on your target audience, then ideally you should be the captain of your own ship. For that, you can try your level best to become a mobile app developer. However, if you do not know how to get started with this domain, then this guide will surely help you out in choosing the right direction depending on your interests and the resources that are at your disposal.

If you want to go for the first approach shared in this guide, then you will have to learn all the different dimensions of coding on your own. For example, if you already are a sr backend developer, then you would also need to get your hands on frontend development. For taking the other two options, you already have a large number of different tools available out there that you can simply select according to your own preference. Nevertheless, if you still need any sort of assistance with the development of your mobile app, then you can always take the Mobile App Development Services of Folium AI.

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