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Decentralized Web Applications- 5 Important Use Cases

Decentralized Web Applications- 5 Important Use Cases

15 Feb 2023

Unlike centralized apps, decentralized applications run on blockchain or peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. It means that in the case of the latter apps, you do not have any centralized controlling authority. Instead, the peers or users can interact with each other directly. To prevent a single point of failure, decentralized applications are highly preferred these days. Apart from this, decentralized systems offer high levels of fault tolerance and integrity. Moreover, these systems also take good care of the user’s privacy. However, the users of traditional centralized web applications still cannot realize the true worth of decentralized web applications. Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss the 5 most important use cases of these applications.

Social Media

Social media applications generally require a high level of interaction between users. They share content and engage in conversations with each other quite frequently. Making these apps decentralized will remove the need for a central authority. Hence, the users will be able to connect with each other freely without any hurdles. Moreover, they will not even experience any downtime because of the central server failures. 

Decentralized Web Applications for Gaming

Nowadays, gaming applications also require users to have one-on-one conversations with each other. These games work by making different strategies through teamwork and collaboration. This is why the interaction between users of these games should be very seamless. In other words, a centralized server should not be able to cause any hindrance in this interaction. That is why decentralized web applications are best for gaming purposes. 


With the advent of COVID-19, even educational institutions went online. The educational applications were designed to promote a smooth collaboration between teachers and students. Again, these applications facilitate sharing of content between different peers. So, it is a very good idea to make such apps decentralized. 

Decentralized Web Applications for Finance

Online or digital banking applications are very popular these days. This has given unmatchable importance to the Fintech industry. Using these apps, users can send and receive the money within seconds. Decentralized web applications for this purpose can simplify this process all the more. 

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management applications require constant monitoring at every stage of the process. This ensures that the end product reaches safely to the targetted consumer. With the help of decentralized web applications for supply chain management, this can be achieved very easily. With these apps, you will be able to track the production progress. Moreover, you will also be able to assess the performance of all the stakeholders involved. 


Decentralized web applications are extensively used nowadays. This blog highlighted the 5 most common use cases of these applications. However, you can even explore other use cases of these applications as well. For developing your own decentralized web application, you can surely take the blockchain development services of Folium AI.

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